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Video: Green Cleaning All-Purpose Spray

HC Producer series winner Leslie Reichert demonstrates how to make your own DIY greencleaning all purpose spray.

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The Housekeeping Channel (HC) does not recommend this DIY cleaner for unsealed granite, marble o read more...

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Featured Article: The Dos and Don'ts of Remodeling Your Basement

Remodeling your basement can be an excellent way to make more space in your house. Remodeling isn't without difficulties, though, and you need to be mindful of county laws and ordinances, along with the weather and any potential for mold or moistu read more...

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Not going Green? - why Natural still makes more sense

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Europe's largest truckmount cleaning offer in Prochem 2011 catalogue

Technology innovation, more choice, and Europe's largest truck mountedcleaning machine range are exciting new features of Prochem Europe'sPr read more...

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Why Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances?

The main benefits of energy-efficient appliances include saving money on operating costs and utility bills and protecting the environment by conserving energy. Energy-efficient models save money with lower operating costs using 30 to 50 percent l read more...

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Spring Cleaning Tips from IEHA

While motivation to clean often comes easier in the Spring ? with sunny days, warmer weather and nature in bloom ? the right attitude, tools and know-how truly make the difference.

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Here are Spring Cleaning t

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Featured Article: Spring into Action and Stow Away your Winter Wardrobe

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For most of us, the weather is finally warming up. This is a good time to spring into action and organize your winter wardrobe to stow away for next year.

Winter Clothes

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How to Make Cleaning Fun - Q&A

Q: Are there any cleaning products that smell amazing and are therefore a pleasure to clean with?

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A: Most scented products are unhealthy, and not so fun.Go for unscented products or ones that smell good using na read more...